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BYE BYE 2020

Hey guys, Today I am going to open up about something that was stuck in my mind for quite a long time. So, wanna pour it out before it's too late:)) 2020 is about to end. We are in the last few days of 2020 and it is not just like any other year in our life. For some people,it was happy as they got a break from their mundane life. And for some other it was not so good as they expected it to be at the beginning of the year ( smiling in pain ) due to Covid. But, 2020 definitely taught us a lot of lessons in this lockdown. We are not the same person as we were at the start of the year.  So, before getting excited for the New year, let's ask these questions to ourselves. Are you ready for 2021? A whole new year is waiting for you. Are you ready to face it? Are you going to bring about a change in your life in 2021 or you are going to pass it just like any other year!! Before talking about the mindset and goals for 2021, let's sit and look back into 2020!! So, now stop scrolling
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Happy Men's day

To all the men out there It’s okay to break down It’s okay to feel lonely It’s ok to not have a job after college It’s okay to face failures It’s okay to not buy a house at 25 Just because you are men, doesn’t mean that you should not have feelings We always know the burden that you face in your day-to-day life You may feel left out sometimes But you will always have at least one woman in your life to support you One woman who is genuinely wishing for your well being I hope at least from now onwards you won’t say the dialogue “All women are the same “ A big salute to all the men who are taking care of their families single handedly Happy Men’s day!! Cheers, Baru:) Share it with your friends and wish them:)


19 YEAR OLD GIRL COMMITS SUICIDE FEARING THAT SHE WILL FAIL IN NEET EXAM  The girl left a voice note that she was not blaming anyone.She has a fear that she may fail in the NEET exam, though she studied well. Not only this incident,we have heard of many such suicide cases right from the time NEET exam has been made mandatory in Tamil Nadu.After every such incident,we can see Politicians and Social media influencers raising their voice against NEET saying that It Should Be Banned. Is that the only solution? No matter,how tough the situation is TAKING YOUR LIFE IS NOT OKAY!! Whom should we blame?The Politicians,the Medical Council,the Parents or the Students? Whose fault is that? According to me, Banning NEET is not the only solution for these suicide cases.It's all the mindset of students and parents that matters.We have seen many parents pressurising their students to take the exam. Many students commit suicide fearing that they may disappoint their parents.You are failing in just

You don't need a reason to love her

From Teaching me ABCD in kindergarten. To Teaching me calculus in High school. You have been the best teacher. From Feeding me tonic when I was sick during childhood. To  Feeding me kabasura kudineer during corona crisis. You have been the best doctor. From Putting me a small ponytail for school. To Teaching me how to wear the perfect makeup. You have been the best beautician. From Lifting me up when I fall while playing To  Accompanying me for my movie night. You have been my best friend. From Sacrificing your job to take care of me. To Sacrificing your meal to feed me more You have been the best mother. From Playing with toys to stop my crying. To Cooking my favourite dish when I am depressed You have been my "favourite". Cheers, Baru:)

Why People love to hate Brothers!

"When Rakhi is round the corner, unlucky are those who are far from their brother." No matter,how much we humiliate each other,our brothers are always special to us. When a creature lives with us right from our birth,who shares all our belongings,who fights with us day and night,who cares us secretly,who protects us indirectly,supports us unconditionally,how can we not love him. Although we are separated now,due to our studies and career,we always miss those childhood days with our brother.Those days are something that I would cherish forever. He fights with me for the remote,for sketch pens,for mom's sweet,for notebooks and even for 2 minutes Maggi. He exposed my mistakes to my parents and got me scoldings. Yes,he is annoying but he has been nice to me in some situations.He taught me how to ride a bicycle,drew the toughest science drawing for me,took me out for a ride when mom is not around, cooked me my favorite dish for my birthday and the list goes on. At times,I eve

What is EIA 2020?-Simplified and detailed explanation

Recently we came across many hashtags like #scrapeia2020,#withdraweia2020 and so on. We also saw many public figures and celebrities raising voice against these issues and many meme pages created awareness by posting about this issue.  But, Are you aware of it?  Are you aware of the happenings in our country?  Why is EIA2020 dangerous? Why it should be prohibited?  You will get to know about all these at the end of this article.  Economic growth is important and so our natural resources like soil,water,minerals,air and forest. But just like we ignore our health and safety while doing something we love ,we tend to ignore the damaging effects of the environment on the road to development. The balance between environmental protection and economic growth is crucial that is where MoEFCC(Ministry of Environment,Forest and Climatic Change) has to ensure all the infrastructure and development projects have to be undertaken without compromising environmental safety. MoFCC is like a safety net t

Perks of being a single child(Part-2)

So,Guys! Welcome back. This article is going to be the continuation of the short story that i posted  last week.If you have not read it,I will link it here (Part 1) .After reading that you can continue with this article. Are you a single child at your home? Then you can surely relate to this.It's not easy to be a single child.You will be alone most of the time.And your  parents are your biggest asset.It has both pros and cons.Your parents will take utmost care of you.You will be their world!But,what if their life becomes miserable.Your happiness becomes a question mark, then.In that moment,your life can become the either way.It solely depends on how you react to the situation. Here is a boy named Roshan,who is exactly in the same situation stated above. Let's see how he reacted to it. Due to the current circumstances,Roshan's Parents started fighting a lot,which affected him a lot mentally.He could not concentrate in his studies.Day and  night,he was thinking over this prob